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ep 3 doodles

i just wanna draw tiny snarky lil tophs forever and ever she is so freaking perfect

drew this one back in book 3, posting because relevance



Your Toph is perfect- and your sleepy Zuko is perfect too, ha ha! Big smiles all around.

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Lets not forget this joke was made before the UN actually decieded to do this

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make me choose
↳ ron swanson or ben wyatt (asked by anonymous)

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I am that type of douchebag friend who doesn’t talk with you for weeks but still cares about you and hopes you still care too.

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Scanned the Cat Collection from my #Inktober sketchbook. 

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book 4 ep 2 doodles

as much as i want heartfelt emotional stuff with toph and lin i also kinna wanna see some master shadebending

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Somewhere George RR Martin is snapping in Z formation.

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Oh, I love any book about vampires, werewolves, monsters, zombies, sorcerers, beasties or, time-traveling romances. And if I had an hour alone with Robert Pattinson, he would forget all about Skinny legs Magee. I’ll tell you that much.

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